A complete guide to mind, body, spirit wellness!


Beauty's an inside job but radiant skin, rosy cheeks and luscious locks don't hurt! I use each of these products to maximize my glow. xo


If you're a self-help junkie like me you eat books like candy. This curated list is my "can't live without" library of wisdom and inspiration.


Rituals give every day activities meaning. I light a candle before every session and clear my space with Palo Santo. It's my way of connecting to Spirit. I invite you to adopt your own rituals. This list of my favorites will provide you with inspiration.


Little Lyle, our 8.5 lb chihuahua terrier muppet loves to play with and snack on these goodies I bet your puppers will too


Whether you need a wake up call or a peaceful respite a delicious cuppa has got you covered. Here are my favorite elixirs - just steep and enjoy!


Your body is your soul's temple. Keep it free of toxins and running efficiently with these amazing foods and supplements. And if you want to know about what to drink the TEA TIME 🍵 shop is chock full of magical elixirs. xo