Manifest It: 4 Simple Steps Online Course

Do you ever wonder why you have dreams and goals that don’t come to fruition despite all of your hard work? 

Do you ever ask yourself, Why would I have all these desires if I can’t fulfill them? 

Feels royally unfair. The truth is that you haven’t learned how to co-create with the Universe yet. Manifesting is an art and science based on how energy works (aka the Law of Attraction) that you can master. 

By accessing the 4 tested and trusted manifesting steps you can begin to harness your thinking, feeling and being to create a life you are in love with. 

Health, wealth, relationships, your ability to make a contribution to the world, daily routines and how you feel when you look in the mirror are all under your control. The problem is you’ve been relying on your mind alone to create your life and your mind is limited. Your Spirit on the other hand is infinite! And it has access to Universal Intelligence which creates Everything. Yep, you’re that powerful. 

So if you’re sick of being stuck and are ready to step into the fulness of your being then you are ready to unlock the manifesting secrets! If you’re on the fence I recommend you come back later because manifesting doesn’t work unless you’re committed. We’ll save a seat for you. 

I already believe in you which is why I’m sharing the knowledge I’ve used to manifest my desires including,


*a successful business that contributes to the wellbeing of the planet

* a beautiful partnership with my husband

* my dream home and sanctuary

* daily joy and fulfillment

* wild amounts of energy and inspiration

Join me and millions of others increasing the vibration of the planet. Because when you shine you give everyone around you permission to do the same. Happy Manifesting! 


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Manifest It: 4 Simple Steps is a self paced online course so listen to your intuition and take it at your own speed. 

This 6 module course includes: 

  • 30 minute video with Soul Centered Business Consultant, Brit Taylor and I explaining the 4 manifesting steps and some of our personal experiences to save you from making the same mistakes we have. Also available as a downloadable MP3.

  • Downloadable worksheets for writing assignments guaranteed to give you clarity and help you apply each skill instantly 

  • Downloadable course materials for those who love to highlight! 

  • My personal New Moon Manifesting Ritual to help you supercharge your manifesting efforts by synching them with the new moon and keep track of your success.

  • Guidance + Inspiration