Module I - Manifesting 101

Greetings Friend!

You’re about to embark on a journey within and learn to co -create the life of your dreams with the Universe. Yes, you are that powerful. Manifesting your desires is your birthright. Your Creator didn’t place you on Earth to dream and never have your wishes fulfilled. That’s just f’ed up. The Universe wants you to become the fullest expression of yourself because when you do everybody wins. 

Think about a person that lights up a room. Seriously. Close your eyes, bring that person’s face to mind and feel what it’s like to be around them. It’s freakin’ awesome! Because this lit babe’s energy is vibrating at a higher frequency than all the Debbie Downers. (No offense Debbies). 

Everything is made of energy including you so when someone’s jazzed about life their energy is contagious, same goes for when someone’s down on their luck spreading low vibes. So if we’re all just one big pool of energy how you show up effects the whole. Being your biggest, brightest self serves EVERYONE and is the secret behind manifesting. 

Before we get to the “how to” let me tell you what manifesting is not. It’s not a guaranteed technique to help you steal your boss’s job or get married before your sister does. Sure manifesting works on low vibe stuff like that but I ask you to look at it as an invitation to become your Highest Self (Capital H. Capital S.)  Therefore, integrity, authenticity, humility and joy should be your guides. 

Manifesting is also not a perfect science. There’s no timeline for when your desires will manifest or how they will manifest. In my experience they usually don’t look how I expected, they’re BETTER. So let’s get to it!

In this course you’ll learn the 4 trusted and tested manifesting steps and my New Moon Manifesting Ritual. This course is self paced so listen to your intuition and take it at your own speed. Each module contains a beautiful download of the content that you can print and worksheets for writing assignments, when applicable.

Your journey begins with Soul Centered Business Consultant and friend, Britt Taylor and I discussing the 4 manifesting steps and some do’s and don’t’s we’ve learned from personal experience to save you time. Watch or download the MP3 below.

Be fearless my friend, your life is waiting!

With so much love, 

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