Module II:

Step 1- Identify What Your Soul Wants

We all have a brain and a soul. I like to think of the soul as the essence of a person. Your soul contains the GPS to becoming the fullest expression of yourself. It’s connected to Universal Intelligence. It’s infinite and timeless. Your brain on the other hand, is a tool that you can use to implement the directions given by your Soul.

Most of us rely on our brains way too much which is why we’re confused. Your brain is limited your Soul live streams Universal Intelligence, the source of all life. I mean seriously what do you want running your life the 3 pound meatloaf in your skull or the energy that creates every miracle that has ever existed? I thought so. 

Therefore, learning to connect with your Soul is essential if you want to become a high vibe manifesting machine. You can do this by learning to get quiet with yourself. Disconnect from your screens, the people around you, find a comfortable place to sit, close your eyes and follow your breath. Inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale. Congratulations you just meditated!

Yes it’s that simple. And yes your mind is going to be busy. That’s normal and why it’s called a meditation “practice” and not a meditation championship. The only way you can screw up meditation is by not doing it at all.

Going for silent walks in nature can also help turn your soul on. The goal is to begin listening to the quiet, steady voice within so you can override your fear. See when we admit to wanting something fear revs up to protect us. What if I don’t get it? Oh no! We don’t want to be hurt better just stay over in my corner going nowhere. Or fear overcompensates, I am SO much smarter, talented, deserving of then Kylie Jenner. I should really be a billionairess. 

There’s nothing wrong with wanting buko bucks but putting other people down or coming from a scarcity mentality isn't going to serve your manifesting game. Because manifesting requires you to become the vibration of what you want. For instance, if you want to be a billionaire it’s because you believe buttloads of money will make you feel a certain way such as free. Because it would allow you to build the business you want, take your besties on vacation or adopt a llama. Money offers choices which feels like freedom. So your job is to crack the code of how you want to feel first.

Your turn. Complete the worksheet below.

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