Module IV: Step 3-Turn It Over

The last step is probably the most challenging because it requires you to relinquish control and trust that the Universe has your back. Turning it over requires discipline because you’re going to want to take back control a lot. It’s your ego’s way of being comfortable. Unfortunately comfort zone’s never got anyone anywhere but sitting on the couch binge watching Netflix eating cereal out of the box in sweats. 

Control is an illusion and the number one reason manifesting efforts fail. Once you identify your desires and declare them you have set the manifesting wheels in motion. It’s like you’ve called your favorite Mexican joint and ordered a veggie burrito. You don’t keep calling them to tell them how to make it. Make sure you put the cheese between the rice and beans so it melts! No you trust that they know how to make a burrito because that’s what they do. The same goes for the Universe, it knows how to respond to your energy so stop messing with it and focus on keeping your focus on how you will feel when your manifestation materializes. 

It’s the difference between being in self will versus faith. Here are some guidelines to help you identify which one you’re in.

 Self will feels tense. Faith feels free. 

Self will feels like pushing. Faith feels like being pulled. 

Self will is exhausting. Faith is effortless. 

Self will is motivated by fear. Faith is motivated by joy. 

You may have to recalibrate 300 times a day but I promise you that it’ll get easier with practice. Here are some techniques to help you shift from fear to faith: 

1.) Practice acceptance. Whatever thoughts you feed with your attention grow bigger. Instead of focusing on your negative thoughts focus on positive ones. For example if you interview for your dream job and don’t get it you could respond with “I suck. I’m never going to become a chef, TV writer, tightrope walker (fill in the blank)” or “Rejection is God’ protection”, “The Universe has something better in store for me. I can’t wait to see what it is!”  

2.) Get curious. “Everything is possible in the beginners mind.” Remember if you knew how to make a million dollars you would have already done it. This process is about learning. Approach it with a Spirit of wonder like a child approaches the world. Allow it to be fun!

3.) Practice gratitude. If you feel like things aren’t going your way the quickest way to shift your perspective is to focus on all the ways things are in your favor. You have your health, a best friend that makes you laugh like a hyena, amazing eyebrows and a cat that worships you. See how much the Universe loves and supports you?

Being in faith also means that you are open as to how your manifestation will materialize. Recently I had to buy a new car as my lease was up. I’d been visualizing myself driving an SUV with the sunroof open on a glorious sunny day blaring tunes and singing at the top of my lungs with my pup. Several weeks before the lease was up friends of mine happened to be selling their car for a great price. It aligned with my vision and I decided to buy it but there was a delay due to some documentation they needed to complete. I had to rent a car in the interim. I ended up renting another type of SUV that I completely fell in love with. Driving it felt EXACTLY the way I had envisioned so many times. I looked up used models online and found it was in my price range. I bought one for a stellar deal!

This example demonstrates how obstacles are often the path to your manifestation. So when you come up against challenges (and you will) remember that everything is happening in service of your growth and manifestation. It helps to have a daily practice that helps you get into a flow state which allows you to be more open to the Universe’s guidance. Flow state is described as the experience of being completely in the moment, it’s often when we experience synchronicities.

Artists, dancers, writers, musicians and runners often experience flow when you’re are doing what they do. They get lost int he moment, loose track of the and are absorbed. What makes you feel this way? There is no wrong answer. Once you identify it do more of it. Put it in your schedule and commit to showing up for it as often as time permits.

Your turn. Complete the worksheet below.

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