Module V: Step 4 - Be Open To Receive

How do you react when someone gives you a compliment? Cringe, dismiss it, change the subject? Your reaction indicates how open you are to receiving the goodness in your life. If you want to manifest your dreams you have to feel worthy of them. There’s some truth to “faking it until you make it” but it can only take you so far. Ultimately if you don’t feel good enough to receive the blessings available to you, the Universe will pick up on this and not deliver. 

(FYI this is why moronic, selfish people make it big, because THEY believe they're worthy. The Universe speaks vibration not morals.)

Most of us feel some weirdness about owning our awesomeness. We live in a society that feeds us a steady stream of messages featuring unattainable beauty, relational, economic and professional standards. That’s because advertising is based on making you feel like crap so you want to buy their product to feel better. It’s no wonder we question our brilliance! You can stop the madness by minimizing the amount of advertising you consume. Put the TV on mute during commercials, stop buying magazines, and unsubscribe to promotional emails. 

If you suffer from low self esteem I recommend you work with a licensed mental health professional to heal underlying beliefs of shame. Self esteem challenges are very common in folks that struggle with anxiety and depression. Please reach out for help. You deserve to experience yourself as the radiant being that you are. 

The word desire (De- Sire) comes from the Latin meaning “of the Father” which can be translated as “of the Divine/Creator/Spirit.” There’s a sacred aspect to our desires as they emerge from the Divine. They are an expression of love and serve the Highest Good which is why it’s imperative that you carry them out. 

This exercise next will help you identify all of the ways your desires serve everyone and everything. Write down all of the good things that will happen as a result of your desires manifesting. For example if you’re manifesting superb health this would allow you to teach your niece how to ride a bike. If you’re manifesting financial abundance this would create more time and funds to help your local animal shelter. See how your desires are a gift from the Divine because they allow you to show up for others more fully.

Your turn. Complete the worksheet below.  

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