Module VI: New Moon Manifesting Ritual

The rationale behind setting our intentions with the New Moon is that the moon is our natural time keeper. The New Moon is the first of eight moon phases: the beginning of the moon cycle, so the symbolic time for us to begin (again).

New Moon Manifesting Ritual

Create a sacred place.

Find a place where you will not be disturbed. It can be in your home or out in nature. You can create an altar or sacred place in your home by filling it with items that bring you inspiration, peace and grounding. I have a room in my home that overlooks the mountains where I have crystals, candles. sacred texts and a cozy blanket. You can add photos of your teachers and heroes,  plants and anything else you fancy. It can be as simple or elaborate as you like. The most important thing is that you feel it supports you in connecting with your Spirit. 

Clear the space.

Clearing the energy of your sacred space sets the tone for your practice and helps you align with the present moment. I use Palo Santo a sacred wood that comes from the magical Palo Santo tree, native to the coast of South America. Its name literally means "holy wood", and it is just that. When it is burned, the smoke is believed to have both medicinal and therapeutic healing power. My favorite brand is sustainably sourced from Ecuador. You can find it here.

After I light it I walk around the room letting the smoke flow and say this blessing,

Dear Universe, may I have your support to clear this space so that my truest intentions can flow clearly from my heart onto the page.

Pray for openness.

Before you set out to write your new moon intentions it’s important to begin with a simple prayer. The purpose of this prayer is to indicate the beginning of your ritual and invite Spirit to co-create with you. Keep it simple and make sure it resonates with you. If you don’t have a prayer practice, here’s one you can use,  

Dear Universe, Thank you for all of your blessings. Please allow me to see what is in my heart and listen to your Divine guidance as we co-create my new moon manifestations. May my intentions serve the Highest Good, Truth, Love and All Beings.


New moon breathwork.

Breathing is a key aspect of manifesting and it will help you release any tension in your body so that you can write down your new moon intentions from a heart centered space.

Begin by taking a long inhale through your nose.

Place one hand on your belly and fill your diaphragm feeling your stomach gently push against your hand.

Count to four.

Hold the breath at the top for a second.

Open your mouth and sigh it out for eight counts.

Allow your diaphragm and lungs to empty of all the breath

Continue for at least three repetitions or however long it takes for you to feel clear and grounded.

Finish the practice by placing both hands on your heart and sending gratitude to your body.


Write your list.

Take out a sheet of paper, the worksheet provided in module II or your journal and write the date and the following: This, or something better, now manifests for the highest good of all concerned. This statement gives the Universe permission to substitute as needed to keep your manifestation karma super clean and clear.

Next write a list of what you want to manifest. Remember, 10 items tops! Be sure to write your statements in positive and affirming language, “I am gracefully finding myself…”

Focus on what you want, not what you don’t want. This sounds obvious but in the beginning it can be a little challenging, especially if you are accustomed to spending lots of energy thinking about what you don’t want.

Allow yourself to dream really big here. If that little voice of judgement creeps in, acknowledge it and get back to your list. This can be part of the manifesting process, especially when you’re asking for something huge. Go for it.

As you learned in manifesting step 2 the most important thing is to conjure the FEELINGS you will have when you desire manifests. If you’ve followed my outlined steps you will be in an open space to truly listen to your heart. Spend time feeling into each item as you write it down. If it isn’t resonating with you 100% do not put it on your list. Part of this practice is learning to feel as if you already have what you want, this is basic Law of Attraction, if you can feel it with your entire body it will be more likely to come into reality.

New Moon Meditation.

When your list is complete spend 10-15 minutes meditating on it. Go through each item one at a time and focus on how it feels in your body and how it will feel once you have manifested it. Once you have gone through your list let your attachment to your intentions go and settle into the curiosity of how the Universe is conspiring to make your dreams come true. It’s a wonderful practice at the end of your meditation to say to the Universe that you are freeing yourself from clinging to your wishes and that you are grateful and excited for what is to come.

Close out the ritual.

Once your meditation is over, say a simple prayer to close the ritual. Put your new moon intention list away until next month where you can go over it to see what has manifested. When an item on your lists becomes real thank the Universe. If there are things that are no closer to coming into this dimension, consider revising them. Also make note of what intentions you are inching closer towards. During next month’s ritual you can go through this inventory of your previous list so you will have more clarity moving forward.

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