Ep 45: How to Survive the Holidays With Sanity

We all know the holidays can be just as stressful as they are fun. This time of year brings us face to face with frustrating family situations, or if you happen to be alone, it can trigger painful emotions like sadness and loneliness. 

To survive the holidays this season, it's vital to prepare. Prepare to make self care practices a non-negotiable while you're traveling. Have some witty comebacks ready for your annoying uncle. If you feel like you have no family to be with, there are many support groups that offer connection, compassion and kindness during this time. I've included a list of resources in this post.

Watch the episode now for my tips to support you through the new year. 

Connect with any of these local groups for help if you need it: 

Alcoholics Anonymous 
Al-Anon Family Groups
Codependency Anonymous 
Psychology Today

Sending you Love & Gratitude this Holiday Season!

See you in 2017, 


P.S. Help a friend, colleague or client who needs help surviving the holidays. Forward this post. They'll be sure to thank you for it!