Ep 05: How to overcome uncertainty and live your purpose w/ writer, Kerry Quinn

Welcome to this week's episode of You Are Complete! Today we're talking about WTP, also known as "What's The Purpose?"

One of the biggest questions we have is about our purpose. It's a complicated question with the simplest answer: just be you. 

Of course we feel uncertain. We think, "What does that mean? How do I do it? What if I'm scared?" 

That's why in today's episode I'm giving you three steps you can take to embody your purpose and not let uncertainty derail you. 

These three steps came out of a conversation I had with writer Kerry Quinn. She wrote two articles for Thrillist that went viral, which pushed her into the spotlight in a major way. Check out Part 1 of our conversation!

Watch the episode now. And get down with WTP.


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