Ep 11: Finding Courage

I get real personal on You Are Complete this week. It all started with a sound bath. I made a new friend in a way that can only be described as synchronicity. 

My new friend, Rob, did a session with me to help me express my "authentic voice" on camera. I figured he'd have some small tips, but he took me to places I didn't expect. And it all takes courage. 

Watch the episode now. 

Declare in the comments how you've accessed your authenticity. Give me your tips!

BONUS: this afternoon, I'm going to live stream on the You Are Complete Facebook page about my follow up session with Rob and let you know about my breakthroughs. Please join me! 

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Always remember, 
You are complete. You are whole. You are miraculous and courageous! 

With Love, 

P.S. Share this post your best friends, co-workers and clients - anyone struggling to find their authentic voice. They'll thank you for it!