Ep 13: What If Sin Never Existed with Pastor Dick King

Pastor Dick King of Indian Hill Church in Little Rock, Arkansas is my magical, fantastic, wise guest.

This week's video is an excerpt of our talk. Dick tells us about how the Genesis story has been misinterpreted all this time. Yes, the way you think about the story of Adam and Eve--how man is depraved and separate from God--is all wrong. 

Really, you need to hear this.

Experience the episode now. 

And answer the question of the week: What experience do you look at with dual thinking? Declare it in the comments!

Hop over to iTunes to hear the rest of Dick's inspiring insights. He talks more about dual thinking, how love and acceptance are the keys to spirituality, death as a form of life, darkness is part of the light, God is the breath and heaven is a place we're in now. 

I want listen to the whole interview on iTunes! 

Always remember, 
You are complete. You are whole. You are miraculous. 

Many Blessings, 

P.S. Share this post your best friends, co-workers and clients - anyone that needs to be reminded that they are in fact God! Their spirit will thank you :)