Ep 15: Are You Open to Life's Surprises? w/ Hollis Wilder - Chef, Author, Entrepreneur

Life is full of surprises and no one is a better example of this than my guest this week. Hollis Wilder, former chef for the Rolling Stones among other celebs in LA, moved to Orlando Florida, opened the first cupcake shop in Florida, and went to Sedona, where she participated in a Native American vision quest ceremony. She told the universe she was open to anything. Soon enough, she got a call from Cupcake Wars. She's won three times, written a cookbook and is totally open to surprises. 

Then she was invited to go on Katie Couric's show and everything changed. She got a bombshell of a diagnosis and is unsure of what will happen next. 

Experience the episode now and hear her fascinating story.

Another surprise! We're having our first giveaway! Five of you and a guest will win a cooking class with Hollis in LA. My husband, David and I will be there cooking along with you and enjoying our delicious feast!  Just answer the question of the week: How would you live your life if you were open to surprises? Submit your answer in the comments on Facebook or YouTube. You have until next Friday, May 27th to win this wonderful surprise! 

I want to listen to the episode on iTunes! 

Always remember, 
You are complete. You are whole. You are miraculous. 

With Kindness, 

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