Ep 16: Red Flags Every Spiritual Seeker Should Know w/ Dr. Natalie Feinblatt

This week, I'm talking to Dr. Natalie Fienblatt, a clinical psychologist with an expertise in cults. 

You may be thinking, "I'm too strong to ever be involved in a cult." Many people find themselves involved with groups like this after a loss or trauma. Cults use psychological manipulation and before you know it, you're in too deep.

Cult-like groups aren't exclusively spiritual or religious. They can be wrapped around any ideology: financial, cultural of even an MLM.

Experience the episode now and hear the 6 Red Flags of Cults.

And information about how to get help.

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Always remember, 
You are complete. You are whole. You are miraculous. 

Many Blessings! 

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