Ep 21: Change Everything!

Today I want to share with you a technique that I've used for years for myself and with clients. It's helped me transform negative feelings into high vibe, positive ones. It's SOUL-ution called the Miracle Triangle!

This cognitive behavioral triangle is often used in therapeutic practices and I promise you it can help you find your happy place. Hint: mine involves 6 yellow balls of fluff. 

To find out what they are, watch this week's video or listen to the podcast

And then answer the question of the week in the comments: what negative thought can you transform?

Plus, I have a new offer to share! I'm offering 3-5 session packages. Bring to me one problem and I'll help you come up with a spiritual soul-ution that you can use for this situation and any future problems. Send me an email. I am here and ready to help you become happier and freer NOW!

Yes! I want be a happy camper! 

Always remember, 
You are complete. You are whole. You are miraculous. 

Sending you good vibes xoxo,  

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