Ep 41: Do You Need Inner Peace?

What a week. The energy surrounding the election left me discombobulated. So many emotions swirling inside I needed to plant my feet firmly in the Earth. Reconnect. Join. 

The desert called me. On Saturday morning David, Lyle and I hopped in the car and headed to Joshua Tree. Ensconced by massive mountains and ample blue sky we were held. Brought back to our true nature which is peace. 

Peace is always available to us. You can choose peace every moment. This week's episode is my peaceful offering to you.

Here is my initial reaction to the election and some spiritual solutions I posted on FaceBook. If your current state looks more like this (raw, crying, devastated), it's okay. Watch now for tools to cope and please feel free to contact me for support. 

Continue Seeking Peace:

When Things Fall Apart: Heart Advice for Difficult Times `~ Pema Chodron  

Letting Go: The Pathway of Surrender ~ David Hawkings 


What place brings you peace? Share in the comments!

And always remember - You are complete. You are whole. You are miraculous. 

So much love, 


P.S. Everyone can use a virtual hug right now. Share this post. Spread the love. 

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