Ep 43: How to master any interview, date, presentation or performance

Imagine walking into an interview, presentation or date feeling cool as a cucumber. Your body relaxed, lips smiling, being guided by a gentle presence. 

Well that's exactly how I felt during my interview on LA Talk Radio's new show LA40 with Katerina Cozias and Kaitlin Robinson yesterday. It was a blast and in our opinion a grand slam. 

Learn my 4 step strategy to mastering all of your important meetings and events. Watch the episode now. 

You be the judge. Did I crush the interview? CLICK now LA40 with Katerina Cozias on LA Talk Radio  - you may even learn how to kick your limiting beliefs. Can I get an Amen. 

Tell us what you think! Leave your comments and questions online. 

And always remember - You are complete. You are whole. You are miraculous. 

Your Biggest Cheerleader, 


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