Ep 47: Birth your dreams w/ Paula Mallis, Doula & WMN Space, Founder

Paula Mallis is a doula, facilitator of women's circles and founder of WMN Space. She has helped hundreds of women birth babies, elevated versions of themselves, relationships, songs, businesses, you name it. Essentially she is a dream doula. 

Paula fostered the creation of You Are Complete in her bi-monthly Moon Circles where she brings women together to harness the energy of the full or new moon to set powerful intentions. Today during our interview Paula helps me birth a new understanding of myself. 

I've had two miscarriages over the past year and half. The second was one of the scariest experiences of my life. It began with a pregnancy where I was physically so sick and emotionally falling apart. The lack of a heartbeat during my 11 week exam was a total surprise to everyone considering how I was feeling.

What followed next was a process of birth that left me in excruciating pain and terror until I had a spiritual awakening. I heard a voice within that said "You are not your body" so I allowed myself to disconnect from my physical body (it turns out that this is an Native American technique used by Shaman). I felt my spirit rise above it in order to witness the pain of the miscarriage but not become overcome by it. Since that moment my connection to this energy that is me, to my soul, has been fierce. 

I was ignited and inspired on a new level. I was on fire! I deeply understood that I am meant to birth You Are Complete This is my baby. I shared all of this with Paula before I turned on the camera. She explained that women are creators, we are the mothers of all things not just children. She led me to the realization that these miscarriages were a part of my journey to learning that I am complete and divinely feminine already. 

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Paula is having another birth of her own. Today is the grand opening of her new venture WMN Space in Culver City. She's created "a conscious space for women to gather in service of their own healing." Join us for workshops, moon circles and private healing sessions. 

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Finally, thank YOU and Paula for being a part of my dream. You Are Complete turns one next month. We did it!!! 

With love and gratitude, 


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