Ep 48: 3 steps to keep your cool w/ Kaitlin Robinson, Spiritual Psychotherapist

Today fellow spiritual psychotherapist and founder of Ask Kaitlin TV, Kaitlin Robinson joins us to share how she stays grounded when the bleep is hitting the fan. Recently her bank accounts got hacked. Yep, her entire life savings wiped out.

Did she freak out? Of course, she's human! But she didn't let the terror take her down. She danced with it using these 3 steps: 

1.) TRUST - The Universe has your back. If you are reading this email then you have survived every terrible thing that has ever happened to you. Remind yourself of this. Know that you will survive and likely come out of the experience having grown or learned something new. 

2.) AVOID RETALIATION - The thing about revenge is that you end up poisoning yourself in the process. Release the urge to retaliate and focus on taking the steps required to resolve the situation and most importantly take care of yourself. 

3.) TRY THIS POWER POSE - A "Calming Crossover" engages both hemispheres of the brain. Incorporate this with deep breathing and you access the power of your body to regulate your emotions. 

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P.S. Have friend that could use some tips to minimize freak outs? Press forward. They'll be sure to thank you for it! 

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