Ep 49: When to PAUSE & need your help!

Figuring out when to say no and when to say yes isn’t always easy. Especially if you lean toward Type A. Overachievers like to get busy doing. So much so that we can overcommit and then become overwhelmed. A lot of this pressure centers in our minds. We create deadlines and rules and then forget that we have the power to change them when they no longer serve us or our mission.

So if you’re feeling discombobulated, not sure whether to say thanks or no thanks, may I suggest you pause. Pausing is actually an action. When we stop we create space which allows us to gain perspective, settle into ourselves and be open to receive the answer we are seeking. 

I got to practice pausing a lot this week and realized that I may discontinue the daily Vlog to create more space and connect with you in person. Watch the episode now and help me decide!

In addition to the Self Love Seminar tomorrow (Note new location below) you can join the the Addiction Recovery Revolution beginning March 4th! 

I will be featured on March 19th and am honored to be included with 29 other Doctor's, Holistic Healers, Therapist, and Activists.

Thank you for being on this journey with me. Your feedback is important. Please tell me what you crave, peaks your interest or would just make your life better. I'm all ears! 

In Love & Service, 
B xo

Tomorrow! A few are spaces available
Location: 11150 W Olympic Blvd.Suite 775 / Los Angeles 90064
What you'll need - Something comfy to sit on like a blanket or yoga mat and your favorite journal.

Are you ready to begin living in a way that reflects your heart and soul’s desires? To emit self-respect in the form of boundaries, self-care and not settling - having loving respectful relationships - being centered in your creativity, self-worth and compassion. To begin living in a way where you feel more alive than ever, no longer just existing, but becoming YOUR OWN SOUL MATE, then the Self Love Seminar is for YOU!

Here’s what you'll get: 

  • A New Perspective: Deeply understand the essence and essentials of self love.
  • Intuitive Insights: Learn how to use your soul’s GPS to have stellar self love without over-giving or over-doing.
  • Group Elevation: Get feedback and support from a heart centered community.  
  • Connect to Your Deepest Love: Action steps you can replicate to tune into your infinite love supply and manifest your greatest desires.

When: Saturday, Feb 25th / 10am -12pm

Where: 11150 W Olympic Blvd.

Suite 775 / Los Angeles 90064

*Bring someone you love for free* 


Let the love flow and accept this invitation. The world needs your love now more than ever. In this together, xo B