Being in your flow state may cause you to dress up like the Virgin Mary.

My friend and fellow light worker Amy Foran recently told me about a book she’s reading by a woman who was guided by angels to write it. Amy said there's nothing to misinterpret. The message was powerful and crystal clear. I thought I want that, especially because I really want to write a book. 

Then I remembered this incredible encounter with the Divine... 

After my second miscarriage I felt called to record my experience in hopes of comforting other women one day. On a warm Saturday afternoon I opened my laptop and what occurred I cannot explain in any other way except that I was taken over by Spirit. Words flowed through me onto the screen like a river coming home to the sea.  

What's even more incredible was that there were virtually no errors. If you've ever witnessed me type (I call it the 4 finger 2 step) you'd know that this was a miracle. The words on the page were clear, concise and powerful. Mind blown. 

This process of effortless doing is called FLOW. It’s a spiritual state that occurs when we are completely absorbed in the present and the activity at hand. We are lost and through that we are ultimately found. Time stops. We are merged with the movement, song, paint, moment. In this space of infinite consciousness we access our power, wisdom and bliss. 

So how can we access flow? Here are 4 simple steps: 

  1. Choose an activity you love
  2. Find a space where you can focus and not be distracted
  3. Enjoy yourself and go all in
  4. Keep practicing

Here I am writing this email. I felt compelled to put my scarf over my head and listen to The xx (an example of taking step 3). I thought I looked ridiculous but my likeness to the Virgin Mary signifies a sacred moment was at hand. The Divine does have a sense of humor after all.  

Now it's your turn. What activity will you try this week to access your flow? Declare it in the comments and let's cheer each other on! 

A little bit higher now, 
B xo

P.S. Elevate a friend. Share this post and enjoy the floooooow.