Self Love Session I: Love Yourself, Change Your Life

I've teamed up with the kind souls from Kind Over Matter to provide you with a how-to guide to love yourself more. Kindness must start within - we cannot transmit what we haven't got. 

In this 3 part Vlog series we'll explore, 

     Self Love Session I: Love Yourself, Change Your Life
     - What is self love and how does it impact your ability to fulfill your desires. 

     Self Love Session 2: Learning to Love the Unlovable Parts of You
     - How to stop rejecting parts of yourself and claim all the love that is yours. 

     Self Love Session 3: Take Spiritually Aligned Action 
     - Steps to unlock your soul's GPS (aka your intuition) so you can take spiritually aligned action that supports your beautiful, brilliant soul and dreams. 

Each episode provides action steps to ignite your self love revolution. Watch the episode now.

Do you struggle with self love, have helpful tips or questions? Join the conversation HERE

See you next week for Session 2! 

Your Biggest Cheerleader, 
B xo

P.S. Invite a friend and amplify your self love revolution. Our energy is contagious. Thank you for spreading more love!