Self Love Session 2: Learning to Love the Unlovable Parts of You

As promised, I'm back with your second dose of self love sugar! This week we're tackling the parts of ourselves that we find oh so unlovable. Sigh. 

Perhaps it's the slope of your nose, your hidden rage or an awful experience you care not to remember. No matter what the culprit, finding acceptance for all parts of ourselves is imperative to developing healthy self love and experiencing inner peace.

Join me and the lovely souls at Kind Over Matter for a lesson in playing nice with the bully in the 

Watch the episode now then keep scrolling if you missed Session 1. 

Screen Shot 2017-04-13 at 9.05.13 PM.png

We all struggle with self love. Share your story HERE. It could really help someone else.  

I love you...yes ALL of you, 
B xo

P.S. Instead of lamenting over your flaws with your BFFs, start a new conversation full of hope. PRESS forward. 

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