Therapeutic Breathwork

Therapeutic Breathwork engages all aspects of body, mind and spirit in its approach to empowerment and healing. The three primary areas of benefit are:

         1.) Body-mind therapy

         2.) Personal Development

         3.) Spiritual Empowerment. 

Each one of these areas of focus may be engaged within the full scope of a Therapeutic Breathwork session. Therapeutic attention may involve a variety of cognitive and psychological tools, goal orientation and coaching skills, familiarity with of trauma and PTSD, body-mind as well as affective awareness, and even sensitivity to non-ordinary realities. Regardless of this diversity, however, what makes Therapeutic Breathwork uniquely powerful and integrative is its utilization of a basic, self-regulating, biological mechanism uniquely fashioned for balancing stressed nerves: the human respiratory system.

Benefits of breathwork include:

  • Profound relaxation and stress relief
  • Deep healing of wounds, grief and trauma 
  • Passage to expanded states of consciousness
  • Increased mental clarity and focus
  • Awakening to the truth of who you really are 
  • Overwhelming feelings of joy and well being
  • Relief from physical pain 




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