Greetings Fellow Seekers! 

If you are reading this then you are probably ready to experience radical transformation. Congratulations! 

What if I told you that all the answers to your problems and the keys to live your ideal life already exist within you?

It's true. I know from experience. I suffered from anxiety, depression and addiction. I spent a decade on a personal and professional mission to determine WHAT WAS WRONG WITH ME. 

I got two fancy masters degrees from Columbia University (an MA and an Ed.M), became a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and provided thousands of hours of therapy to adults, children, couples and families with every psychological diagnosis known to man. In my free time, I participated in various types of personal therapy, read copious self-help books, attended personal growth seminars, and engaged in long philosophical discussions with anyone who would speak to me. 

What I learned is that there is NOTHING WRONG with me or you or anybody. And that spirituality must supersede traditional psychology. Radical, right? So why are you unhappy and unfulfilled? 

Because you have forgotten THE TRUTH and are longing for spiritual solutions to reconnect to your all-knowing, joyful spirit.  

We come into this world complete, whole, miraculous. This is our true nature. As we make our way through life, stuff happens. Some of these experiences create residual effects that can block access to our divine intuition, to our spirit. 

This is where we run into trouble, suffering from anxiety, depression, loneliness, fear and addictions. Our light gets dimmer until the only thing we can see is a giant wall standing between us and our radiant true selves. 

I am here to help you bust down that wall. I've got a crowbar and I know how to use it! I have transformed pain and fear into joy and serenity and I would like to show you how to do the same. In my spiritual coaching practice I will help you identify and implement new spiritually aligned actions to empower you to attune to and allow your spirit to be your guide. By living this way you will become freer and happier and experience the world opening up for you. Miracles will happen. I see it everyday! So come and claim your miracle. It is your divine right to be in touch with your deepest, truest self and manifest your dreams. 

It is your job to shine. So what are you waiting for?  

Wishing you love and wellness, 



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